Art Journal on a budget

Art journaling doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need bunch of fancy stuff and materials to express yourself.

If longevity (how fast something turns old/begins to turn yellow) is something you are not concerned with than there is absolutely no need to spend lots of money on supplies. A simple notebook (with or without lines) is all you need to get started (and often it takes many many years for them to even get a tint of yellow). Or you can buy a sketch pad, they are almost always acid free and longevity is not an issue. However if you plan to use water or watercolors you can not use a sketch pad – it will crumble.

A pencil, a pen, Crayola wax crayons, the ones kids use, and you are on your way to express yourself in an art journal. The cheapest crayons in my store happend to be Faber Castell


Wax crayons

If you want to take it one step further I suggest buying Crayola pencils (or any other brand that is cheap) and a Staedler Pigment Liner pen (size 1).

All in all it should be possible to get started for §10 or less.

If you want inspiration or free printables I have collected some sources at Pinterest

What is your best budget tips?
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6/12: I tried the wax crayons I have and maybe the Crayola crayons are better, but if not I suggest crayola pencils as your first buy.