Why blog?

I was asked why I wanted to blog, why wasn’t it enough with a Facebook page? Or to put an add in a Facebook group? What was the point of blogging? Don’t you want to sell stuff?

Well for one thing this blog isn’t about trying to get you to buy a lot of stuff, stuff you might not need. Its about sharing the endless possibilities of being able to craft even if you are disabled, as I am. I live with constant severe pain, hence why there isn’t a blog post each and every day. And I think you’d be bored too if I did that 😉 I will share links to my shop (once its up and running) on occasion, but I will never sell here.

I want to share my findings with you. My inspirations. My hopes and dreams and on occasions I will offer up things for sale, but not here. This is a sanctuary, a place for inspirations by me and others. And I will do my very best to keep ads from third party to a minimum. I want to share what inspires me the most – other people and their creations.

My aim is to to use 50-75% of upclycled material in my creations. However I do want my paper creations to be last so I will make sure they are acid and lignin free foremost.

Who I am? I’m an almost forty year old married women, with cats and lots of hope. I live with both endometrioses and crohns disease and problems arising from the many surgeries Ive had. But that’s not what I want you to remember, what I would like you to remember when you click your way out of here is that disabilities are in no way a hindering from creating and blogging.

I hope you find lots of inspirations 🙂

Lots of love xx


Endometriosis awareness month


March is the international endometriosis awareness month.

To0 many women think that a painful menstruation is normal. It is not! If you cannot work, study or take care of yourself it’s to0 painful.

It’s normal to feel some cramping but not to the point where you need more than i.e tylenol to ease the pain.

If you are experiening painful menstruations please go see a doctor and talk to her/him about it. You could be suffering from endometrioses.

You can read more about symptoms here: http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/symptoms/

Endometriosmånaden i mars

Allför många kvinnor tror att en smärtsam mens hör till. Att det ska göra ont. Det är fel!

Om du har så ont att du inte klarar av att jobba, plugga eller ta hand om dig själv så har du för ont.

Det är normalt att känna en typ av krampkänsla men om du behöver mer än typ ipren och alvedon för att kunna hantera din smärta så är det dags att söka hjälp. För det finns hjälp.

Om dina menstruationer är smärtsamma boka ett besök hos din husläkare/gynekolog och diskutera det. Det kan vara endometrios.

Läs mer om symptom här: http://www.endometriosforeningen.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=23


Old drawings

I was looking through some stuff my mum saved for me from when I was in grade school when I came across these drawings. Not to bad for a 13 year old 🙂

drawing2 drawing1


Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all the lights and decorations 🙂

I haven’t forgotten about the card I promised to show you. I will as soon as my foot allows me to move around freely

Incorporate crutches to mixed media?

I wanted to show you a card made with an image from the old books I bought but a little accident has put a halt on that, perhaps in a few days when Im more mobile again.
I did score som more exiting things than crutches on my last thrift store visit. Some really really old books, like from 1880 I think and an electric coffee pot heater (that I will use with wax crayons, and I will test and see if it works with Utee). But I will have to show you pictures of that later on 😉

So this is all the exitement I can offer today, a pic of my crutches 😀 😉