Artful Pains

Konstvärk&Skaparlust has expanded and now have an english page and an english facebook group. Artful Pains is for creative women whith pain problems. Come read the site and contact us via facebook (you’ll find the link at Artful Pains).
Healing hugs
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För kvinnor med smärtproblem

Titta gärna in på om du är kvinna med smärtproblem. Om du skapar (är kreativ) så kan du läsa om en trevlig grupp/gemenskap för just kreativa kvinnor med smärtproblem. Kanske finner du att deras facebookgrupp är något för dig – kontakta dem då via länken på konstvark.
The Creative Lady

LifeBook 2013 – week 5

Here are some butterfly photos you can use if you want to.

Personal use only.

butterfly2 butterfly1

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Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all the lights and decorations 🙂

I haven’t forgotten about the card I promised to show you. I will as soon as my foot allows me to move around freely

Incorporate crutches to mixed media?

I wanted to show you a card made with an image from the old books I bought but a little accident has put a halt on that, perhaps in a few days when Im more mobile again.
I did score som more exiting things than crutches on my last thrift store visit. Some really really old books, like from 1880 I think and an electric coffee pot heater (that I will use with wax crayons, and I will test and see if it works with Utee). But I will have to show you pictures of that later on 😉

So this is all the exitement I can offer today, a pic of my crutches 😀 😉


Still working on the design but the blog is up and running. Welcome 🙂