Why blog?

I was asked why I wanted to blog, why wasn’t it enough with a Facebook page? Or to put an add in a Facebook group? What was the point of blogging? Don’t you want to sell stuff?

Well for one thing this blog isn’t about trying to get you to buy a lot of stuff, stuff you might not need. Its about sharing the endless possibilities of being able to craft even if you are disabled, as I am. I live with constant severe pain, hence why there isn’t a blog post each and every day. And I think you’d be bored too if I did that 😉 I will share links to my shop (once its up and running) on occasion, but I will never sell here.

I want to share my findings with you. My inspirations. My hopes and dreams and on occasions I will offer up things for sale, but not here. This is a sanctuary, a place for inspirations by me and others. And I will do my very best to keep ads from third party to a minimum. I want to share what inspires me the most – other people and their creations.

My aim is to to use 50-75% of upclycled material in my creations. However I do want my paper creations to be last so I will make sure they are acid and lignin free foremost.

Who I am? I’m an almost forty year old married women, with cats and lots of hope. I live with both endometrioses and crohns disease and problems arising from the many surgeries Ive had. But that’s not what I want you to remember, what I would like you to remember when you click your way out of here is that disabilities are in no way a hindering from creating and blogging.

I hope you find lots of inspirations 🙂

Lots of love xx