Lifebook 2013

So I decided to sign up for LifeBook 2013, a year-long online mixed media art class, run by Tamara Laporte. I wanted to learn new techniques and thought it was a great deal. The inner journey hocus pocus thingy I thought I’d just ignore. My oh my, what was I thinking! Did I suddenly lose my brain? Art is about self-expression, at least it is for me. I belive that it is impossible to create something without putting a part of yourself in it. So of course I am doing the inner journey hocus pocus thingy 😉 as well as learning new techniques.

I have to get my scanner up and running (I have a very temperamental HP multiprinter/scanner) before I can show you pics of my work. The camera lightens everything up and distorts the colors so that it doesn’t seem like my work anymore so I feel that I need the scanner for these mixed media paintings.


Birthday card with cupcakes

Birthday card made in half an hour. I used two freebe stamps from Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine and promarkers and of course some Time Holtz Stickles glitter glue on a plain white card. I also drew a fine black line to connect the hearts and make it all come together. Stamped a message to the birthday lady on the inside.


Amazing old book cover

On my last visit to a thrift store I found a really old book. It’s the New Testament from ca 1875. The lettering is fantastic.

Old book pages

It makes me so sad that this book has not been cared for. It’s missing pages and it looks like it’s been stored in a barn, there are water stains and it’s missing quite a few pages. But it will find a new life in my mixed media projects.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the cover but it has to be something extra special. I wish you could see the amazing  book cover in person. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

Old book

Wreck this journal

I confess. I’m a youtube-a-holic.

While browsing (i.e spending hours watching craftinspired videos) YouTube I stumbled upon Wreck this journal. I know, it probably had its glory days a few years ago but it doesn’t matter, I’m hooked.

Google images

I’ll be getting me some of those journals  for christmas!
Maybe the ductape one…or the paper bag one… or the weave one… or the…

Old books are the best

I bought some old books at a thrift store (ErikshjÀlpen) today.

The images are wonderful and the quality is amazing. They were printed in 1932 and although it’s never easy to cut a book up it almost breaks my heart to cut up such old books.

I try to think that Im giving the books new life and that I honor the artists that painted the images (you can almost see the structure in the pictures I took) by giving their work new life. Some of them are so beautiful that I will probably use them as backgrounds on cards, others will be used in my mixed media projects

There’s also a book about words and sayings. It will be saved as it is for now.